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Picking Up Where We Left Off; Learjet Causes Near Miss With JetBlue

Late Feb. 28, a Learjet was instructed to line up and wait on runway 9 for landing traffic, which was a JetBlue E190. JetBlue flight 206 had been cleared to land on runway 4R, and was in the process of landing when the pilot of the Learjet took off, forcing the landing JetBlue to go around. The Learjet 60, belonging to Hop-A-Jet, had read back the "line up & wait" instructions prior to taking off without a clearance. This marks a busy "near-miss" season for Q1 in 2023, with at least 3 other near-misses so far this year. It hasn't been determined how close the two aircraft were to each other, but the FAA will include that piece in their investigation.

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