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10 Best Selling GA Piston Aircraft in 2022 Announced

The 10 best-selling GA piston aircraft for 2022 have been announced, with none other than Cirrus taking first & second place on the list. GA aircraft as a whole saw sales increase 6% in 2022, with piston sales jumping 8.2% and deliveries totaling 1,524 for the year. Here's the top 10 best selling pistons for 2022! 1. Cirrus SR22T 2. Cirrus SR22 3. Cessna Skyhawk 4. Diamond DA40 5. Cirrus SR20 6. Piper Archer III 7. Technam LSA (3 variants) 8. Diamond DA62 9. Piper Pilot 100i 10. Cessna Skylane

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