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"what do i need to know before starting?"

The Private Pilot License is the start to your aviation journey. Earning your Private will allow you to fly in fair weather, and will also allow you to earn more ratings if you so choose. Additional ratings offered by us can be found here - Additional Ratings

To earn your Private Pilot License, you must log a minimum of 40 flight hours, 20 of which must be with an instructor, 10 of which must be solo. Note that the national average of flight hours is closer to 70 before earning your license. Complete requirement details can be found here - CFR 61.109

The timeline for completion can vary depending on the student's schedule, maintenance, and weather. A full time student can complete a Private Pilot in 3 months or shorter, whereas a part-time student can take up to a year! Our estimate below reflects what our costs would be at the national average amount of flight training

Private Pilot:

Cessna 172: 65 Hours - $11,375

Flight Instruction: 55 Hours - $3,575

Ground Instruction: 30 Hours - $1,950

Written Exam & Check Ride: $925

Total estimate: $17,125

get started!

step 1: intro flight!

An Discovery Flight, or "intro" flight is a great way to get in the air with no commitment, as well as seeing what training will look like. This flight lesson will be logged with a Flight Instructor and get your started on your journey! We offer half hour and whole hour intro flights.

Half hour - $180

Whole hour - $280

You can skip this step if you have previous flight training experience and are ready to start!

Step 2 - Get your FAA Medical!

You must have a Medical before you can get your Pilot’s License. You are not required to have a FAA Medical before starting training, but it is highly encouraged. At a minimum, we recommend at least scheduling your Medical exam prior to starting. The minimum medical class is a Third Class, and is best suited for students looking to fly recreationally. If you plan to fly professionally, we recommend getting a First Class medical. Before the visit, you’ll need to go to this website - MedXpress to fill out your medical information.

First Class Doctors

Dr. Perry - 1790-64B East Market St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801. His number is 540-564-5700.

Dr. Stankiewicz - 144 A Resource Ln, Ste C, Louisa, VA 23093. His number is 570-490-3987.

Dr. Simpson - 7255 Hanover Green Dr, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. His number is 804-730-1111.


Second/Third Class Doctors

Dr. Murray - 3263 Proffit Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22911. His number is 434-654-4600.

Step 3 - Schedule your first lesson!

All you need to do for this is email/call/text us your available dates and times for training! We’ll look at our schedule and get your lesson(s) booked per our availability!


Note: Weather, maintenance, and schedule changes happen, we do what we can to minimize cancellations. If a cancellation does happen, we’ll get you rescheduled as soon as possible!

Step 4 - Forms and documentation needed:

We’ll need copies of the following from you prior to your first day of training. These are preferred to be emailed ahead of time, but can be brought in on the first day!


Driver’s License (front and back)

Birth certificate or Passport

Signed Renter’s Agreement

AFSP Approval (if not a US Citizen)


We’ll get copies of these as you get them throughout training:

Pilot License (front and back)

Renter’s Insurance (prior to first solo)


additional resources as you progress through PRivate pilot training

Knowledge Test Preparation:

The knowledge test is the second-biggest hurdle for most pilots. The knowledge test (or "written exam") is a test that you must take prior to your FAA Practical Test (called the "check ride"). The most affordable way to study/prepare for this test is by using an online ground school course. These are typically $250-$300, but are well worth the cost, as you can study the material at any time vs having to be in-person with an instructor. Two courses we recommend are linked below! Other courses can be found online as well, like Sporty's!


Jeppesen - g/p/10025785_10011167_63567-63367-63335


King Schools -


Insurance is not required until prior to your first solo.

We generally refer people to Avemco. The coverage is good for one year! Here’s the link! Avemco Insurance

You're welcome to get your insurance elsewhere, but the following coverages are still required:

$25,000 Bodily Injury/Property Damage

$25,000 Aircraft Damage

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