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2 Bodies Found in A320neo Undercarriage

On Jan. 6, Columbian authorities announced they have found two bodies in the undercarriage of an Avianca A320neo. Avianca flight AV116, operating from Santiago, Chile (SCL) to Bogota, Columbia (BOG) landed safely before the discovery was made. Authorities estimate the bodies to be 15 years old and 20 years old. While it's a sad sight, stowaway attempts aren't uncommon, unfortunately; A report in 2019 stated that 77% of stowaway attempts end fatally. Most stowaways make their travel attempts in the wheel well, which runs a high risk of being crushed by the landing gear. If that doesn't kill you, hypothermia kicks in around 8,000 feet. After that, hypoxia starts around 18,000 feet. If you manage to survive all of that, there's a chance you could fall out of the wheel well at gear extension.

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