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AAL Flight Diverts to RDU For Unruly Passenger

On Feb. 22, American Airlines flight AAL3444 departed Jacksonville, FL (JAX) to Regan (DCA) but diverted to Raleigh-Durham (RDU) airport “due to a security concern involving an unruly customer.” Early reports say the passenger "tried to breach the cockpit" and was "partially restrained by crew & passengers," with the FAA confirming the passenger did charge the cockpit door but did not breach it. The attempted cockpit breach is a Level 4 disruption, per the FAA. The suspect, a resident of Washington, D.C, was said to be having a panic attack at the time. Authorities met the aircraft at the gate and took the suspect into custody. The flight was operated by an E170 and was enroute at FL330 when the incident occurred. The FBI will be investigating.

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