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Air Canada A321 Declares MAYDAY, Diverts to Tampa

On Jan. 23, an Air Canada Rouge A321 was in-cruise from Cozumel, Mexico (CZM) to Toronto, Canada (YYZ) when several warnings were announced via the Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor (ECAM) in the cockpit. The ECAM monitors & displays information regarding the engines, as well as various systems. The issues were so severe that the crew diverted the flight to Tampa, FL (TPA). The alerts showed the aircraft's Elevator and Aileron Computer (ELAC), autopilot, yellow hydraulic system, and stabilizer were all having issues. These issues sent the Airbus's flight controls into ALTN LAW, which means, "when met with certain failure conditions, the aircraft control laws degrade to alternate law. In alternate law, most of the envelope protections are lost except for the load factor protection." While on approach into TPA, the flight control system further downgraded, down to Direct Law, meaning all computer-guided protections are lost and the pilot must trim the aircraft manually. Despite all of these failures, the crew landed safely. News of the incident was first published on Jan. 27.

Air Canada's A321

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