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American B777 Makes Emergency Return to Sao Paulo After Pressurization Loss, Lands Overweight

On Jan. 22, an American 777 departed Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU) for JFK and was climbing up to cruise when it leveled off at FL200. The reason for the early level-off was due to a pressurization issue. Oxygen masks were dropped due to the pressure issue. The flight would eventually descend to 9,000ft and enter a hold shortly after for the crew to run checklists. The flight landed safely some 50 minutes after departure. The aircraft did, however, land overweight, causing several tires on the main gear to deflate, and a fire ensued shortly after. Airport crews extinguished the flames safely. Passengers de-planed via airstairs and were taken to the terminal via bus. American says the aircraft returned due to mechanical issues.

Deflated/melted tires due to the overweight landing.

The short flight path back to Sao Paulo.

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