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Another Star Removed; Sha'Carri Richardson Booted From AA Flight

The U.S. track and field athlete was removed from an American Airlines flight for arguing with a flight attendant. The ordeal began when the FA asked her to get off the phone, and latter asked her if her phone was on airplane mode. The incident rallied on as Richardson filmed the whole thing, complaining about the FA's behavior. She stated, “I definitely would have listened to instructions but the way he was talking to me was very unprofessional and then his hands were all in my face.” A second FA appears, telling Richardson that she's being required to leave the aircraft, "because the captain wants her off the plane." Clapping can be heard in her video as she exits the plane, as her commotion caused a few passengers to miss their flight. A similar incident occurred in November with former-Giants start Odell Beckham Jr.

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