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ATR 72 Crashes In Nepal, Kills At Least 68

On Sunday Jan. 15, an ATR 72 belonging to Yeti Airlines crashed near Pokhara in Central Nepal. The flight was on its final approach into Pokhara Intl. airport (NPR) when it stalled and landed in a ravine, bursting into flames seconds later. The flights crash landing was only 1.1nm from the airports threshold. There were 68 passengers and 4 crew on board, with 68 of the 72 bodies being recovered at the time of writing. There were 53 Nepalese, 5 Indian, 4 Russian, 2 Korean, 1 Australian, 1 Argentinian, 1 Irish and 1 French citizen plus the crew on board. Search efforts will resume Monday morning local time due to nightfall. This marks the 3rd-deadliest crash in Nepal history.

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