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Bell 505 Marks First Single-Engine Helicopter to Fly on 100% SAF

Bell Textron, Safran Helicopter Engines, GKN Aerospace, Neste, and Virent were all involved in the feat, with every company contributing a different piece to the puzzle. GKN makes the fuel system components, Neste supplied the SAF, Virent made the renewable fuel, Safran makes the engines, and Bell Textron supplied the airframe. Bell's Executive VP of Commercial Business said, This flight is a monumental achievement for sustainability and decarbonization in the rotorcraft industry. Showcasing a single engine aircraft’s flight capabilities with 100% SAF signals Bell’s commitment to alternative fuel usage and builds on its sustainability practices in its flight operations.” Testing and conversations on SAF will continue to develop as technology progresses, but for now, it's a big step. The Bell 505 is a 5-seat, single-engine helicopter boasting a G1000H NXi avionics suite and dual-channel FADEC.

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