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Bomb Threat Aboard United Flight Shuts Down Burlington, VT Airport

On Mar. 11, United flight UAL3613 departed Newark (EWR) and was enroute to Burlington, VT (BTV) and was about 20 minutes away when a passenger found a note in the aft lavatory stating there was a bomb on board. The passenger notified cabin crew who then passed the message to the flight deck. The flight crew then notified ATC about the issue, which prompted a massive law enforcement response at Burlington, ultimately closing the airport for several hours. Multiple agencies including the FBI & Dept. of Homeland Security were on scene to assist in the investigation. The flight landed around 4:30pm and was taken to a remote area on the tarmac where passengers remained on the plane for ~2 hours before disembarking. No credible threat was found, and the investigation is still ongoing.

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