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Busted: PA Man Arrested For Attempting to Carry Explosives Onto Flight

On Mar. 1, a man was arrested at Lehigh Valley/Allentown Intl (ABE) airport after a TSA screening alerted agents to suspicious baggage belonging to a 40-year old man headed to Orlando-Sanford Intl. (SFB) on Allegiant Airlines flight G4 201. The bag was inspected, and agents found a "circular compound wrapped in wax-like paper and clear plastic wrap" hidden in the lining of the bag. Agents also found a can of butane, a cordless drill with batteries, two ground fault circuits, a lighter, and a pipe with "white powder" residue. A bomb technician was called in for further inspection, and confirmed the compound was connected to the two fuses. The compound had a powder in it consistent with commercial-grade fireworks. The passenger was paged by TSA agents but never showed up, and was seen leaving the airport on CCTV security cameras. The passenger was later arrested at his home that evening by FBI Agents. The man is charged with possession of an explosive in an airport and possessing or attempting to place an explosive on an aircraft.

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