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Cirrus Grounds Its SR22/22T Company Fleet

Announced Feb. 9, Cirrus Design Corp has grounded its company fleet of SR22 & SR22T aircraft due to a "Continental engine issue." Continental informed Cirrus of an issue in its engines that power the 22/22T fleet, but no specifics have been announced. Cirrus did say that it has "paused flight ops" on all company SR22/22T's certificated from June 1, 2021 to Feb. 7, 2023. The SR20's are not effected at this time. Cirrus says it's still working with Continental to figure out the exact issue & which serial numbers are involved in the "issue." A Cirrus dealer, Lone Mountain Aviation in Las Vegas, says the issue stems from the counterweights in the Continental 550 engines, and "hasn't led to an engine failure."

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