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FAA Seeking to Fine United $1.1 Million Over Preflight Safety Checks

On Feb. 6, the FAA announced it will be proposing a $1.1 million dollar fine against United as the airline allegedly failed to perform required fire system safety checks on its 777 fleet, stemming from 2018. The FAA is saying that from June 2018 to April 2021, United removed a fire system warning check from the 777 preflight checklist, and proceeded to operate 102,488 flights on the 777 without that check. United says “The safety of our flights was never in question,” and "it changed its preflight checklist to account for redundant built-in checks performed automatically by the 777." United also said that this was reviewed and approved by the FAA at the time. The FAA says that the inspection is required in the maintenance specifications manual, and removal of the check resulted in United’s failure to perform the required check and the operation of aircraft that did not meet airworthiness requirements.

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