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Medevac Pilatus PC-12 Crashes Shortly After Departure

On Feb. 24, a Pilatus PC-12 Medevac aircraft belonging to Care Flight had departed Reno, NV (RNO) for Salt Lake City, NV (SLC) and was climbing through FL190 for FL250 when radar contact was lost. The wreckage was found 24 miles SE of Reno near Dayton, NV. Prior to the crash, the controller had warned of light to moderate turbulence in the aircrafts area. The NTSB has sent 11 investigators to the crash sight, with initial findings saying that "part of the right wing, the horizontal stabilizer and elevator all separated from the plane." The NTSB also said that "there had been no reports that would have warranted cancelling the flight." The pilot, paramedic, nurse, patient, and patients family member were aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash, killing all 5.

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