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NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Ground Worker Accident

After 3 weeks of investigating the accident that killed a ramp worker when she was sucked into a running engine of an E175 on New Years Eve, the NTSB has released its preliminary report. The tragedy struck after the flight had landed, arriving from DFW and being operated by Envoy Air. The engines sat idle while at the gate for its 2 minute engine cooldown period, during this time the captain let ground crews know they wanted have the airplane connected to ground power due to an INOP APU. Once connected, the crew shut the right hand (#2) engine down. During shutdown, a cockpit alert notified the crew that the forward cargo door had been opened, which led to the FO to remind the groundcrew that the engine was still running. Shortly after, the aircraft shook violently and the left hand (#1) engine automatically shut down due to the ingestion of the worker. The NTSB stated, "The ramp agent from the back of the airplane reappeared walking along the leading edge of the left wing, and directly in front of the number one engine. She was subsequently pulled off her feet and into the operating engine."

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