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PA High School Student Arrested After Air-Dropping Bomb Threats on AA Flight

A Pennsylvanian student, belonging to Central Catholic High School from Pittsburg, has been arrested after admitting to making a bomb threat aboard an American Airlines flight in El Paso, TX via Apple's AirDrop feature. The flight, operated on an Airbus A319 as AAL 2051, was taxiing for departure to Chicago when passengers received the AirDrop request that read, "I have a bomb, would like to share a photo." The number of passengers who received the AirDrop request wasn't mentioned, but the threat was enough for the flight crew to return to the gate, where the FBI met the flight. A bomb squad swept the aircraft and its luggage and deemed the threat, "non-credible." The unidentified student is facing one count of creating a false report/alarm, which is a Felony in the state of Texas. The flight had 125 passengers aboard, and landed at ORD 5 hours after initially scheduled.

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