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Straight To Jail: Passenger Arrested After Stabbing Flight Attendant

On Mar. 5, a Massachusetts man was arrested after attempting to open the cabin door and stabbing a flight attendant on a United flight into Boston (BOS). United flight UAL2609 was less than an hour away from arrival into Boston when the suspect made his escape attempt. The suspect had moved the door lock handle a quarter turn toward the "unlocked" position, as well as unarming the emergency slide. Attendants reported the incident to the pilots, saying the passenger was a threat to the aircraft & they should land ASAP. The suspect later exited his seat and was seen striking a flight attendants neck three times with a broken metal spoon. The suspect was promptly tackled by other passengers/crew & restrained until the flight landed. The man is being charged with interference and attempted interference with flight crew members and attendants using a dangerous weapon. These charges carry a penalty of of up to life in prison, with up to five years of supervised release in addition to fines up to $250,000. The suspect has already made an initial appearance at the US District Court and has a hearing on Mar. 9.

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