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The "Little" Airplane That Could(n't Land): Japan Airlines A350 Diverted Twice

On Feb. 19, A Japan Airlines Airbus A350 was scheduled to depart Tokyo Haneda airport (HND) for Fukuoka airport (FUK) at 18:30 local, which would've caused no issue had they departed on time. The flight got delayed until 20:10 local, putting the pressure on the pilots to make it to Fukuoka by 22:00 local, as Fukuoka has a curfew that runs from 22:00-07:00 for noise abatement. Aircraft landing after curfew must have written pre-authorization to land, which they did not. Since the flight missed curfew, they decided to divert to Kansai Intl. airport (KIX) instead. Upon landing, the crew timed out, leading to the airlines decision to return the flight back to Haneda some 8 hours after it departed. A sad story indeed.

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