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Weather at LHR Wreaks Havoc for Inbound International Flights

On Mar. 13, at least 3 international flights inbound for London-Heathrow airport declared an emergency and/or diverted due to high winds and low level wind shear (LLWS).

American flight AAL104 was enroute from New York (JFK) to London-Heathrow (LHR) when the emergency was declared. The aircraft had been in a holding pattern prior to arriving at LHR due to wind shear, eventually giving up and diverting to Manchester, UK (MAN). The reason for the emergency is unclear but is likely related to the weather at LHR.

Emirates flight EK1 was inbound for LHR from Dubai (DXB) when it also declared an emergency and diverted after entering a holding pattern. The A380 was in a hold for ~5 laps when it attempted an approach into LHR before going missed. The flight then elected to divert to London-Gatwick (LGW.)

Emirates flight EK26 was also scheduled to land at LHR this morning but would wind up diverting after a similar situation to EK1. EK26 was inbound from Dubai (DXB) for LHR when it also entered a hold, shot an approach, went missed, and diverted, this time to Birmingham (BHX). It's unclear if this flight declared an emergency at this time.

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