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Super Bowl Bound? You'll Need An Airport Parking Reservation

The 2023 NFL Super Bowl is being hosted in Glendale, AZ on Feb. 12, with average ticket prices starting around $5,000 per person, with prices reaching almost $30,000/ticket for field-level seats. Expensive for the average person, yes, but the Super Bowl is known to draw a high net worth crowd. Such a large crowd, that airports around Phoenix and Las Vegas are requiring a ramp reservation for all arriving and departing aircraft from Feb 7 to Feb 14. Each airport has been allocated a set amount of slot reservations, with reservations being made through the aircraft service provider or directly through the airport authority. The list of airports requiring a reservation include Scottsdale (SDL), Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (IWA), Henderson Exec. (HSH) and North Las Vegas (VGT). Watching from the couch sounds convenient (and cheaper) to me!

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