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Rolls-Royce Begins Testing New B-52H Engine

Rolls-Royce has started testing on the replacement engine for the B-52, which was selected in 2021. The new engine, the F130, is set to replace the current P&W TF33's outfitted on the Stratofortress fleet. The TF33 engines have been in service for 6 decades, racking up over 72 million flight hours during that time. The new F130 is based on the commercial BR725 engine which can be found on the Gulfstream V & Bombardier Global Express. Rolls-Royce is planning to develop the F130 to remain "on-wing" for the next 30 years of service life for the B-52, meaning the engine will remain on the aircraft for all maintenance (hindering an engine failure.) It's estimated Rolls-Royce will produce 608 of these new engines (8 engines per aircraft, 76 in service) with an additional 42 in reserve, but no official numbers have been announced yet.

B-52H Stratofortress

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