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USAF Wants To Retire 310 Aircraft In 2024, Cites Budget Cuts As Driving Factor

The USAF has announced its plans to retire 310 aircraft from its fleet, including 42 A-10 Warthogs, as part of a budget reallocation. The freed up money would go towards the Air Forces' modernization projects, such as 48 F-35A's, 24 F-15EX II's, a network of "drone wingmen" aircraft, and the Sentinel, a next-gen nuclear missile. The Dept. of Air Force is requesting $215.1 billion in 2024, $9.3 billion, or 4.5%, over the allocated amount for 2023. Of that requested $215.1 billion, $185.1 billion would go directly to the Air Force itself, the rest goes to the Space Force. Along with wanting to retire the entire A-10 fleet by 2029, the USAF is also wanting to retire 57 F-15C/D variants this year, and plans to replace them with the new F-35A/F-15EX's on order as well as the F-22's. More on what airframes are being retired & what they'll be replaced with can be found here -

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